Friday, June 17, 2011

new lap top

I've felt the need for a laptop...mainly for my business. Now I have one. NOW I wonder why I wanted one.
  • One more thing to make sure the children don't access bad things online from.
  • One more thing to make sure is locked up when I go to bed.
  • One more thing to worry about when traveling.

I am unprepared to take it through security. Evidently I am now inviting hoodlums to attack my person for this valuable piece of hardware. So although I was prepared for the cost of a laptop it is now recommended that I purchase;
  • a special bag (of course I want to quilt one for it, but by tomorrow?)
  • a lock to attach it to the bag
  • another lock-or the same one to attach it to a heavy piece of furniture
  • some kind of alarm that will ring if it is taken too far from my body...
  • an online service that will track it whenever it is connected to the internet.
Help! What has been your experience with traveling with a laptop?

1 comment:

Micha said...

I'm not sure who is telling you all this. A bag to protect it is a good idea, but the rest of that stuff is unnecessary. All you have to do when you go through security at an airport is take the computer out of it's bag and put it in one of the scanning bins all by itself so they can be sure you're not a terrorist... the rest of that sounds like a way for someone to make money off you. Just be smart like with your purse and you'll be fine.