Saturday, June 18, 2011


My oldest son's family is trying to adopt 4 children. Moving their family from 2 children to 6. I live too far away to help (it's a 12 hour drive) so I said I'd do her mending.... I got most of it done last night but the last pair of shorts would not let me just hem them. I'd already broken several needles so normal hemming just would not work; there where too many pockets and bulky seams involved. So I got ...creative or crazy I'm not sure which.Size 4 carpenter pants turned into ????? what?
They will either love them or hate them but at 1 A.M. I just kept going like the bunny and sewed and sewed. The process was very simple. Cut triangles, use dots of elmers washable glue to hold them down, zigzag around, go around the bottom 3 times.

They LOVED them.


Angela said...

Haha my first thought was crazy but I'm thinking cool now. Both M and Tyler think they are pretty awesome.

gold miner grandma said...


cherie said...

I think they look cute.