Sunday, June 26, 2011

felted mittens

I could tell you all about my travels last week in 1 blog post...but then what would I talk about all this week? So I decided to do it piecemeal.
When visiting I try to have some hand work ready. So Saturday morning, before my flight at 5p.m. I looked for my knitting needles. Could. Not. Find. Them. I did find my felting pattern book, one I made these mittens, these and these out of. And I found 1 gold skein of wool yarn so I ran to Hobby Lobby and Joanne's hunting yarn and needles. I found the bamboo needles I prefer at both places. (Joanne's was .29 cheaper than Hobby Lobby, similar to these.) But I had to try a different yarn since neither carried the kind I'd used before.Here my 11 year old nephew is modeling the finished....boxing mitt? I used a different pattern....different wool and it is bigger than the last pair I made. I'm a little nervous that it won't shrink down to fit a 5-year old. We'll see. I'll take my knitting on our family vacation and knit the other one.

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