Friday, April 15, 2011

old Elna

In January I used some of my Christmas money to purchase an old Elna. I blogged about it here.
A month ago I ordered a needed part and last night Roger got it installed. It hums now when before it clanked. I'd say, 'Good timing!' since my Bernina is still in the shop (and no word yet from the repair guy.)
I've got it set up and ready to sew....
but today there are 2, 2! guild quilt shows in the Houston area and a friend and I are going. First the quilt show nearby then we'll eat lunch at her favorite Thai restaurant and visit 1 quilt shop and catch the quilt show on the other side of town.
Tonight there's a party; an open house that my Pilates instructor is having.
Tomorrow we have to get roses to plant.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon I'll have time to try this machine again. It makes a pretty stitch but I'm used to my 1/4" foot and this one is clearly larger AND has no 1/4" marking. Luckily the charity quilt projects are all forgiving about the seam allowances. I'm wondering if I can still get pressure feet to fit this machine. Anyone know?

*We did not get roses to plant.

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Marilyn said...

I had GREAT time. !!!!!! Thai food. ;-)