Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mom, I think you have enough pink squares. I cut you 74. There are 2 of some of them so if you are trying for 1 of each I messed up.
My Mother is starting another quilt. since I needed to gather some scraps I went through my pink scrap bin and cut these. She has Judy Martin's Scrap Quilts book and is working on her fifth quilt from the book.This book was printed in 1985 and I was unable to find a copy on line. (I looked, hoping I wouldn't have to go look for mine.) It has many beautiful quilts in it.
This is the one she started a week or 2 ago.

This Stars at Sea is one Mom made from the book. I have orders requests to make 2 of these for my children.
This is 'Texas Stars' that she made my son. My daughter loves this enough to start her own. I'm thinking about it.
Mother's Tennessee Waltz was made with red backgounds, gold stars and a white chain. It is wonderful.Her Maltese Circles was made with lavender and yellow. If you want to see most of Mom's quilts go here, my nephew has a slide show of them.

I've even made a quilt from this book; Stacked Bricks. (Sorry no picture.)
All in all I think Mom got her money's worth on this book. I have several other books by Judy Martin; all very good. so if you can't get this one try a different one.

Here's my other story about this book. I bought it years ago and Mom saw it at my house then she went and bought it. Two weeks ago when she started talking about her new quilt I hunted all over my house for it. For 2 days. Then what to my wondering eyes did appear a blog post from Glenna offering her copy for $4.00. I saw. I gave up hunting for my copy and bought hers. Now I have 1 copy I can find and 1 in some kind of quilt limbo, where all lost quilt stuff goes. She has posted another page of some great books. All very cheap and she gets them to you very quickly.

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