Wednesday, March 16, 2011

border class quilt

My executive decision was to put the yellow on the outside. Why? Just laziness. Because I had already cut enough of the yellow for the outside and I didn't want to cut more of the light. Sometimes just choosing the easiest is the best.
The stars are sewn together. The next step is to decide on the fabric for the strip between the stars and the checkerboard. I have 5 choices.... I've eliminated 2; the yellow and the green on the left top. The light and the right side is still in the running.
I think I need to sleep on it.
I'm going to need to bring that dark green out in the last border I think. (The class includes one more border. The teacher used very small log cabin blocks for her last border, her center block used the same small log cabin blocks.)

*edit; luckily I did not finish in time for class. I took my borders and my possibilities and decided on a different medium green.

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