Friday, March 11, 2011

Flying geese

Spring break is next week and so is my final border class. I have 36 of these 4" star blocks to do. And I won't have much time with husband and kids home. In trying to describe what I was doing to my sister I realized that a photo 'how-to' would be easier to understand.
Two of these are done. Only 34 left. I've cut the backgrounds and 6 more stars. Only 280 1 1/2" squares to see. I use this method to make the flying geese units: 1 unit is 1 rectangle of background fabric, 1.5" X 2.5" then 2 star point fabric squares, 1.5" x 1.5".
Draw a diagonal line across the back of the squares (Or use the angler- a plastic piece that I have taped to the sewing machine-see photo #6 .) Then sew on that line.
Repeat with other square on other end of rectangle. Here you can see the Angler 2 that I get out and tape to my machine each time I need to use the flying geese unit in a block. If using the angler the line is not necessary. Notice the position of the triangle; There will be less chewing of the fabric, by the feed-dogs, if you start the sewing here instead of the 2 points of the square.
After sewing, trim.
There is a little bit of waste with this method but with such small blocks it won't add up very fast...If you are doing a big block you can make these little bits into smaller triangle units.
To see the scale of the star I added a spool to the picture.

Now to finish making the 144 flying geese units this border needs.....


Mad about Craft said...

This is the way I make my flying geese. With one of the projects I've on the go I will end up with a lap quilt from all the HSTs left whic I'm making up into pinwheel blocks

Patty Cake said...

Thank you! I really could not 'get it', but now I do. Such a pretty star.