Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tyler is 7

Happy birthday Tyler! I can't believe it's been 7 years.

A couple years ago I decided to make all my families' birthday cards; after all I have plenty of fabric. I believe Quilting Arts had an article about using silk flowers and sheer fabric and quilting over them. I took the idea and made cards with it and quilted happy birthday on it. Added some leftover beaded fringe and some magnets on the back and sent them out.
My daughter-in-law still has hers on the refrigerator (so does my Mother-in-law and Mother.) and 2 weeks ago I got a call from Tyler requesting a special birthday card. Like his mother's but it would be okay to have a 7 on it. Once I got it made I wondered about sending it to him but his mother assured me that it was exactly what he wanted. So it's there. Now his 5 year old brother wants one for his birthday too.
I had someone ask if she could buy some from me....it took 2 hours to make one, so I don't think she could afford them.
Ironically the idea was to use my fabric but I had no varigated sheer fabric so had to buy that and I soon ran out of left over bead fringe and have had to purchase more. I have used the base fabric from my stash...woo-hoo! I probably made 9 cards so used, maybe 1/4 yard! I also use scraps of batting but I'll never get rid of that pile. Now in my efforts to de-clutter I have gotten rid of my bin of silk flowers so I'll have to purchase more if I keep having grandsons requesting the 'birthday special' card.

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Angela said...

I really like this blog post. And you want to know something. My brother really wants one. And its my birthday today. And I am so happy about the card. It is awesome!