Monday, February 28, 2011

Design wall Feb. 28, 2011

Here's the quilt top with the yellow border on it. Thanks to all that commented last week and gave their opinion. My new class assignment I have 3 weeks to accomplish, so next week you will see the beginning of the 5th border; a row of stars. I'm considering making this quilt rectangular with a row of pinwheels at the top and bottom then the stars.
This is what I've been carrying in my purse as I look around for more fabric to put in this quilt. I found that I had none of that strange green that is with the roses in the yellow fabric. Now I have 1 here and 2 more fat quarters in the laundry.
Here's the back so you can see the complicated process I went through to construct my card.
I started with 1 3x5 card and it was not long enough so I added another. It hangs out in an used legal sized window envelope in my purse.
When I finish this quilt this will go in my notebook with my notes and a photo of the quilt.

Do you want to see what others have on their design wall? You do? Then go over to Judy's blog for a list of links.

We started doing our family scripture reading in the morning; that's 5:15 A.M. With an early start so far today I've trimmed a quilt and sewn the binding around it, ready to do the hand work. Now I have paper to buy for the school's lobby board for the play Andrew is in and another metronome for my son; he must have an 'electric' personality since metronomes do not last very long around him... this is the 5th in 4 years. Then lunch with a few friends and an hour exercise class. Then dinner....I won't be hungry but I bet the boys will want some food. Their favorite on this new diet is lentil soup; how many times a week can I get away with fixing that?


Kathie said...

beautiful quilt, coming along nicely.

Connie said...

Beautiful quilt and colors!

Cathy said...

That is going to be a gorgeous quilt when it is done.

Heather said...

Gorgeous! Love your fabric and color choices here. And lentil soup... yum! :o)

Sue Daurio said...

lovely, the color choices are fantastic!