Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh my, what has Reed and Angela started? When they came to visit for Christmas the brought a book. Periodically Angela read aloud from this book. Now Roger, Jeffrey and Andrew are reading THE BOOK. All 3 have quit eating meat AND dairy because of this book: The China Study.

Now I'm learning a whole new way of cooking. Stay tuned for our new recipes posted periodically here.

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Angela said...

Haha! Its always fun to stir up controversy! We finally made the decision to do it Sunday...I'd thawed a chicken though so I went ahead and crock potted it yesterday. I tried some and while the seasoning was wonderful (its been like two weeks since I've had meat) it wasn't all that great. It lacked "something" I was getting from other foods...I still can't believe we're doing this.

One thing my doctor said when talking about nutrition, he mentioned he was about 80% raw but that he still ate meat rarely and that if we chose to cut out meat (which he recommended because it isn't necessary) it didn't need to be completely as long as the very little we were eating was organic, free range, etc. So um, the cost there is enough to encourage me to live without it. I'd rather have more produce than spend $8/lb on good meat.

I'll organize my vegan websites and make a public feed so you can see some of the cool recipes I've found.