Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday's post

I know it's Thursday; but Wednesday just disappeared!
Christmas panic is setting in; I have no idea how I will get all the projects done that I'd like to let alone do some housework and get the clutter buster for this week done but if I don't challenge myself I know it won't get done. (Also those projects I mentioned will be easier to do IF I can ENTER the sewing room.) So here's a picture of the sewing room:I do not think I'll get the whole sewing room done. I'm planning on just tackling the area by the door so it is easier to enter. A bonus would be the cutting table since I'll need it to finish a present or 2.
There are 3 projects stacked there but with no room to work they won't get done.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! How's that coming along? I thought mine was cramped!

Crystal said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your sewing room - now I know I'm in good company! I've been pushing stuff aside and working around the mess for too long - time to take action and dig out from under, I guess.