Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Last week I got to visit 4 of my favorite people (my FAVORITE California people). Let me introduce Austin to you. A 2-year old. That means he is exciting to live around. He is left handed.
He LOVES to draw.

Up near the top of the page is his drawing of cars on a road. He also likes to draw train tracks. I think his drawing is amazing. It also saves his mother's sanity; because he will draw for a long time.
This is Lewis, with grandma;
He is almost crawling, and is a very good baby...as babies go. Happy most of the time. He got comfortable enough with me the last day to relax and sleep in my arms. Here's Uncle Jeffrey with him.
One thing Jeffrey wanted to do was make ravioli. So, Sunday evening 2 of their friends came over and we made ravioli together. That is so much more fun than doing it by yourself. The filling was ham and chicken with cheese. Yummy.

Here we are walking down the sidewalk of L.A.
And not a single picture of my daughter! :(


Liz said...

WOW.. What kind of art lessons is Austin taking in LA? so much culture there.. Hehee jk he is very impressive!!

Mel said...

Mom... that is the "Walk of Fame" not just any old sidewalk, don't want your readers to assume that all the streets of Los Angeles are paved with stars...

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

The boys are too cute! Sounds like a fun time in L.A.