Saturday, November 27, 2010

Texas Star or Star Flowers

Melissa has a plan: make a quilt for Austin's 10th birthday(Austin is 2 now-actually I made up the part about his 10th birthday). She asked for the 'papers' and a quilt kit with fabric from my stash to get started. I made her a zipper pouch (used another zipper, yeah!) to hold her ready to stitch star kits. We also figured that she needs a piece of fabric 10X12 to do 2 if you have some scraps you want to get rid of....I know a place that could use it.
If you are interested in stitching along with Melissa you can get the papers already prepared for you here. I got her the large jewel pack that goes with the 1" hexagon centers and the 2" 60 degree diamonds. Everything lines up perfectly. You can see the first star that I made for her behind the zipper bag. We figured out the fabric needed for a twin quilt. The star turns out to be 7" across, she is adding 3 diamonds of muslin to each star as she stitches to help eliminate the boredom of sewing so many on at the end.
This is the quilt that inspired Melissa. My Mother made it for Melissa's little brother. It has the same size stars as Melissa's but was not constructed using the English paper piecing method. Mother chose this pattern for Jeffrey because he learned the song, Deep in the Heart of Texas, and sang it for her while she visited when he was 5. It is one of my favorite patterns.

So if you're interested in a quilt that finishes 63 X 87 (okay, once I got the graph paper out I realized that we really don't know what size this quilt will turn out to be...we are aiming for about that size). 117 to 142 stars. (You can get equilateral triangle graph paper here to figure it out, I got tired of figuring-I'll edit this post when I have time to finish.) Go purchase;
  • about 23 inches of yellow fabric for the centers (go ahead and get a yard you may love doing these so much you want to make it bigger and it would be too sad if you couldn't because NO yellows match what you have already done.)
  • 3 yards of muslin
  • 6 x 10 inches for each star. Think about trading with friends, buying a layer cake (10"x10" pieces of fabric), asking your mother or grandmother for fabric....
I found another setting of the stars here and here.
Here's one like Jeffrey's.

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