Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stash report

No purchased fabric! (See, Melissa that is why I couldn't buy your fabric for you.)
One zipper pouch made that really uses so little fabric; 1/4 yard.
Melissa gave me some fabric but I don't count gifted fabric.
Melissa had a pattern for an Irish chain quilt. The alternate plain blocks have a red-work embroidery design. She almost finished one block 10 years ago. I think it's lovely; I probably bought it for her. Now it's back in my project pile. :)

The only thing that changed is the pile of fabric that I got to Goodwill.
I'm really going to have to hustle if I'm going to use 19 yards this month. wouldn't it be nice if I used the same amount that I purchased this year?

used, changed: 172 yards
purchased, same: 191 yards
donated, changed: 78 yards

I can see that our numbers are down this week; everyone is busy with the holidays. Go over and check out Judy's blog and see how everyone is doing.

1 comment:

ANudge said...

Laurie, I'm going to have to borrow your plan of donating fabric, but our Goodwill won't take fabric - so I'll have to find another avenue.

Good luck on getting even numbers - a worthy goal I bet you'll achieve.