Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quail eggs

I offered to bring something to a baby shower and was told that the theme was; 'Tiny Blessings'.
I thought about it for awhile and could not get quail eggs out of my mind. I'd had the idea for an appetizer for Liz's wedding but never looked into it. So Tuesday I called 4 grocery stores to see if they had quail eggs OR small chicken eggs... the only place that said they had them was Hong Kong Market 20 minutes away. So at 4:30 I went to Market, not knowing if these eggs were going to be fresh or pickled. They were fresh. I purchased 4 packages; 10 per package for $1.19 @. Not too bad unless you realize that it take 5 quail eggs to equal 1 chicken egg. I decided to make deviled eggs out of them. Here is a chicken egg so you can see how small these eggs are.
Looking on the internet we learned that they boil in vinegar water. I used about 1/2 cup of vinegar (cause that's how much was in the container) then boiled them for 5 minutes. Peeling is not really fun but the shell is a bit leathery due to the vinegar and came off in tiny bits stuck to the membrane. Here I'm filling the eggs; later I scrapped the filling out and redid them with some pepper and hot sauce and then
piped the filling in to make them prettier.
Amazingly they taste just like....deviled eggs.

The yolks are big compared to the egg which means that there are some very thin areas in the whites, that tear easily. I added 3 chicken egg yolks to the filling and probably could have filled all the whites but they wouldn't all fit on the plate so I eliminated the ugliest ones and then had left over filling, but not much.

Fun; but not really great for a wedding unless you want to spend the day before a wedding fixing a ton of eggs. (If someone loved you a whole lot and you LOVED these, go ahead a beg someone to make them for you, just not the Mother of the Bride or Groom.)

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