Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference revisited

I know you've been wondering if I got all that food made....well with only 4 people here we really didn't need all of it. But this is what I really did;
  • Apple Strudle- delicious and lasted for the sweet for 2 days
  • Stuffed monkey bread- it went fast.(Read about it here. One of her commenters mentioned putting mozzerella cheese inside each ball of dough-so that's what Andrew and I did. Olive oil with a bit of butter -leftover from the strudle- garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Alas I had no tomato powder ;( )
  • Cinnamon bread (easy just bread rolled with cinnamon and sugar and baked while the above bread baked then sliced for breakfast Saturday.
  • Strawberries with dip (marshmallow and cream cheese)
  • Toquitos with salsa
  • Popcorn made by Jeffrey and seasoned by Jeffrey so he did not have to share :)
  • Grapes
  • Soup
  • Root beer floats were available for Saturday night but since I got to attend a band contest Saturday night and they forgot about it they went to McDonald's for a cone. Then ate the floats early Sunday morning!
That's all I can remember about the food.
Conference is another story. I felt like I need to work harder on the essentials of a Spiritual life; Scripture study and prayer. I'm attending a religion class Thursday mornings and it's great since I miss Sunday School to teach the 10-12 girls.

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