Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Other 4-Patches

Here are the 4-patch quilts I have made;
Number 1: An exchange that I mentioned here started me on my 4-patch journey. This was made in 1995 soon after the initial exchange.Number 2: Alex's quilt, a great nephew, (1996), actually used 4-patches from the same exchange but I made more since I wanted to have this be a blue quilt. I made this the year after my 5th baby was born; How did I DO that? (Today I finally noticed that half of the 4-patches would have looked better turned to get a chain going the other direction too.)Number 3: Ian's quilt, a great nephew, 2000: I remember calling the mother to make sure she liked blue and yellow; otherwise I was keeping the quilt for my future grandsons. She did like blue and yellow so I didn't have the quilt for my grandsons and got to make another quilt for them.
Number 4: Jonathon's, another great nephew, 2000. One reason I made these predominately blue, besides them being for boys, is that I had more blue fabric than any other color. These were made before I 'stash busted' but I was still trying to use what I had on hand.

Number 5: All I have of Caleb's quilt, (a great nephew)2004. No picture but my notes say it was 58 x 45 since Caleb didn't get his 'baby' quilt until he was 18 months old.
Number's 6 & 7: I made more 4-patches for these heart quilts.
Number 8 was an all white quilt that I made for the nursery or the Houston Temple; I alternated 4-patches made with different textured white fabric with blocks of appliqued hearts. the ward hand quilted around the hearts, I machine quilted some of it and we even tied some in the borders...I wonder if I could get a picture of it next time I go to the temple....
Numbers 9 & 10: More 4-patches made last/this year when I made my 'Spotty Dotty' quilts for my 2 youngest grandsons.
Number 11: was blogged about last week; the first of the 4-patches started but the last to finish.I wonder if there are more coming....

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