Wednesday, August 11, 2010

family pictures

Some of you may know that we recently had a family reunion in Utah. I hired a photographer, Christina, to take some pictures of our family(All of my living children and grandchildren attended and are pictured). Since I am a dunce when it comes to computers; I COULD NOT steal a photo from my Daughter-in-laws blog (I tried) you will have to go there and look... In honor of our last name we thought we should find some rocks to be photographed on. I think they turned out great and I will be changing the photo over my fireplace soon.


Angela said...

Hahaha! Right click and click on save as. You'll get the dvd soon. Please please have Jeffrey make copies of it for all of us (Liz/Mel/Me).

Laurie said...

I did that and saved it and then couldn't find it.