Friday, July 2, 2010


Thanks to a friend who e-mailed a bunch of people about going to see the Musical, Wicked, we went to Houston last night and sat through almost 3 hours of music. I can tell you that being born green creates some problems. The play answers some Wizard of OZ questions:
  • Where did the shoes come from?
  • Why is the lion cowardly?
  • Is her green skin make-up?
  • What happened to leave the tin man without a heart?
  • Did the scarecrow ever go to school?
  • How did the monkeys get their wings?
That and more are answered in WICKED!

Really, it was fun and great to see people you knew at the theater. Andrew was sure he'd be bored; he wasn't. (We took him to High school musicals several years when he was 8-11 and he was bored during those.) The sets and costumes were great.

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