Friday, July 2, 2010


It is raining again/still. It has rained almost everyday this week. Just in time for my new exercise regiment; swimming laps. I manage to do it Monday and this morning, at 10, it was not raining so I swam laps.
Yesterday we cooked;
  • Andrew made blueberry muffins from a mix.
  • Jeffrey made Beignets, also from a mix and
  • I made Panko cheese sticks.
  • Jeffrey filled the crockpot with skirt steaks but it wasn't done in time to eat before leaving.
You can see that Jeffrey got creative with his Beignet's shapes. (the kitchen has NOT recovered.)
Unfortunately that was about all we ate yesterday and then we ate Wendy's on the way to the theater. Many of the theater goers went to nice restaurants before hand; not us. We had a great day.

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