Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Key lime bars update

Since making the key lime bars which I posted about here I've discovered new things about them. So here's an update:

  • The crust is too thick; it's okay to take spoonfuls of the crust out of the pan before baking to get it the thickness you want.
  • I spread a layer of dark chocolate between the lime and the crust once; while it was good it did not improve them and you could barely tell there was chocolate there.
  • The last batch I ran out of sweetened condensed milk; making a double batch and I had 1 1/2 cans of the stuff; I added some evaporated milk and some sugar and they still taste great.
  • Coconut added before baking is wonderful....although my kids and husband don't think so.
Next time I make them I think I'll put them in purchased tart shells. (I thought I'd make tart shells last week, but the recipe expanded so much that I had tart shaped cookies and no room for any filling.)

So if you live nearby; stop by and save me from myself and help me eat this pan of cookies!

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