Saturday, June 26, 2010

more classes

Roger and Jeffrey got home from their scuba trip Friday night instead of Saturday night. Once their dives were over they figured they should just come home instead of trying to sleep another night in the heat and the sand. Jeffrey is very tan. Roger's hair is noticeably lighter or maybe it's grayer... According to them the water was COLD and CLEAR; at least 60 ft visibility. ...evidently South Padre Island is not in the Gulf of Mexico. At least not in the Gulf that I know.
Because they got home early I got to spend ALL day taking classes and buying...thread. Exciting life I live I know.
I took classes from Deloa Jones, Diana Phillips, Ellen Munnich, and Lisa Coker. Saw lots of fabulous quilts...but not so many you were overwhelmed; like you are during quilt festival. It was wonderful NOT walking all over to get to the classes or the restroom!
But it is bedtime; good night.

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