Monday, June 28, 2010

design wall?

If you want to see what is on my design wall go ahead and look at last weeks post since nothing has changed.
This is what is on my LA right now (although this is a picture taken off the frame). It is really difficult to get upstairs to quilt AND supervise my children so I didn't get very far on this today but I did trim a quilt and cut the borders for the Triangle Madness.
Andrew made a new recipe of individual cheese cakes for our Family Home Evening, mowed the grass, ran and did his sit-ups.
Jeffrey managed to go to band practice AND practice his trumpet although I'm not sure how well since he claimed he could listen to a book on tape AND practice at the same time. (I didn't think arguing with him would do any good- so I didn't. Although I think my raised eyebrows communicated my thoughts to him very well.)
Andrew is in charge of dinner tomorrow night. He wants to make Salmon spaghetti. Evidently I did that once but I don't remember how...
I'm still fighting my cold and my ear has not cleared since my dive 3 weeks ago.
Here are 2 pictures taken on Jeffrey's high adventure last week to South Padre Island.

Don't ask me which one of these aliens is my son, I can't tell.

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