Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stash Report

Two weeks since I posted about 'the stash' and I went almost 2 weeks without buying any fabric but then I fell off the wagon Friday. I HAD to get another chrome yellow and a pink and a beige for my infamous Triangle Madness quilt... (which, incidentally, I am not showing tomorrow on design wall Monday. WHAT! I heard you, that was a sigh of relief.) I felt so guilty I had to get my bleach out and turn those 3 different 1/4 yard pieces into 6 different 1/8th yard pieces. Which are already cut and sewn into triangles.
year to date:
donated, same: 66 yards
used, same: 41.75 yards
purchased, changed 87 yards

Here are 147+ triangles that I worked on until 2 AM, just so I'd have a picture on the post...NOT! I couldn't sleep so got up and cut. You see the piles of trash too. One piles is for 'mile-a-minute' blocks, one is for more triangles, and 1 is of 'too small for anything' pile that a friend uses to stuff pillows for heart patients. SO NOTHING GOES TO WASTE!

Hey, this quilt is almost finished I ONLY need to purchase the border and the back and I'll be done ...with purchasing fabric. (For this quilt at least)
Go over to Judy's blog and see how the rest of us are doing at stash bustin'.

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Penny said...

I have loved watching the triangle blocks evolve. That will be such an amazing quilt. I personally believe that the "B's" shouldn't count: borders, binding, backing, batting and in a pinch, blocks. I am a master at rationalization. So buy what you need then use it. Quick in and out.