Sunday, May 2, 2010

Design Wall

I have a question for you today. I'm considering adding purple to the blocks......but I'm not so sure. Here is a picture of the finished blocks without and with purple. Let me know if you like or dislike the purple. I'll also post a picture of the original quilt.
no purple.

2 purples.
The original. If I add purple it will be adding 4 more blocks; 2 purples 2 more non-purple blocks.
You can see I've enlarged the quilt; I'm doing 16 blocks. I have lots of triangles to add between the blocks still. but what do you think of the purple?

If you want to see more design walls; head over to Judy's for a list.


JVC_Scout_Mom said...

My comment probably won't be very helpful, but I'm going to make it anyway.

Leave the room. Come back. Do you like the look of the purple? If yes. Keep it. If no. Lose it.

It's YOUR QUILT. Unless you planned on copying the original exactly, do what you love.

Ida from

Anonymous said...

I love this project! I like the purple addition (for future blocks - don't take any apart!). I think it's so scrappy that any and all colors will look good. Just my 2 cents and not even worth that~!

Diane said...

I'm not loving the purple, but it's not really sticking out so it's a harder call for me.

Leavitt's said...

I like the purple. It is a nice color.

Vivian said...

Ok, just to fuddle it a little more...

I really like the purple but if you are firm on only having 16 blocks, I'd rather see one purple block and put back one of the other ones you replaced it with.

On the other hand, what I'd REALLY like is that you keep both purple blocks, add back the two blocks they replaced and then make two more (I know, I know, I know -- that's a lot more triangles!) and make it a 20 block quilt and THEN let that be it for the quilt center.

All strictly IMHO, of course!!

Anonymous said...

I'd remove the block on the far right that has so much white in it. It sticks out too much and doesn't fit in with the others.

Quilter Kathy said...

This was a fun thing to think about :)
I think the purple looks dull on my computer screen, but maybe it doesn't in real life.

SpinningStar said...

I like the purple but I agree that when it is this scrappy, any color will look good.

I also agree that the bright white block looks out of place - so I would add another white to balance or switch out to a beige color.


Gari said...

For me, you can never go wrong with purple.

Patty Cake said...

I like the purple, but I like it a little better without it. It could be more that i miss the green block that you replaced with the purple.
I think the white would not seem so powerful if it were not bordered by the white of the design wall. Maybe move it in away from the edge.And add some whith to another block. This means you only have 2 more to make, right?