Friday, April 30, 2010

All season house

My house is an all-season house. I usually decorate a bit according to the seasons, no longer; we'll just leave it all up year round....See what I mean as we go on a tour of my house.

Here we have 2 cutie patutie turkey salt and pepper shakers left over from Thanksgiving:

Here are 3 little bits of Christmas:

Valentine’s day is still on our front door:

And finally Easter inside the front door:

That got changed to this:

Who knows how long it will be there?

How do you make your house comfortable in ALL seasons?

And what would you put under that glass thing? It needs something but I'm not sure what.

P.S. Happy Mother's DAy.....I had something planned, will get mailed when I'm finished with my assignment.


Mel said...

How about a skull under the glass thing?? You left out Halloween...

Sue Bridges said...

Love home you have with some wonderful pieces.