Friday, March 26, 2010

Trip Around the World Quilt

I finished the quilt with the green thread; I still have the bird's nest worth of thread if anyone wants it. Really. I actually found plans for a thread nest here.
This is Andrew's birthday quilt. He is turning 13 April 7th and hasn't had his own quilt since his baby quilt. (Not a real hardship around here though.) I cut the strips when he was 5! Then decided that he really didn't need a quilt since he was using Jeffrey's. (Jeffrey still needed one that could be washed every day; if you know what I mean, so he was using a tied white comforter that I made Reed when he was young.) I got the top finished last September. Yesterday I got it in the frame and basted it with water soluble thread. I wanted to try the thread and be able to take the quilt out for the weekend. I don't think I could keep it a secret if it was still in the frame. I'm planning it to be my OPAM for the month of March to so Monday and Tuesday will be sweatshop days.
Today I could get it half quilted but duty calls; a new woman has moved into our congregation and since she quilts, and has no idea where the quilt shops are I offered to sacrifice my day and take her around to ....only 6 shops today. And since it is shop-hop weekend if she wants to go to the other 14 quilt shops in the Houston Area she can do it tomorrow.

I finally did an after Christmas weight and started dieting this week; and I'm happy to say that the scale is heading in the right direction when I weighed again today!


Mel said...

Yay. Good job mom. Have fun today, sounds like a real sacrifice... :)

Baby Boomer Grammy said...

love, love, love this. You are such an artist with your choices of colors and design.

Liz said...

I wore a dress to church yesterday and I decided that I too need to start a diet.. but mostly just a non lazy diet.. aka i need to do some sit ups. :) Is it time yet still scared from last time but it's been over 3 months..