Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Guess what happens when you test the tension at the beginning of a quilt project; then the thread breaks and you don't recheck it? That's right, you spend 3 hours and more ripping it out! I worked on it 3 hrs last night and will finish it up once there is daylight to see the lime green thread on the black background quilt. How happy I am that bad tension is easy to rip out and green thread is easier to see than black would have been! I promised the quilt for Wednesday; sooo happy I started on Monday. Did I mention my fever and my body aches....the perfect job for me was sitting and ripping while my kids tried to talk me into letting them buy a DSi.

Anyone want enough thread to make a nest?

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

love this photo of you. Hope you'll post more of you in the future. (your future generations will love it too, that's why I include photos of myself on my blog.)