Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stash Report

Finally, a week with no purchases of fabric! Actually I did buy 3 yards for my sister and it is in the mail Monday, so it doesn't count.

I finished this:

Finally! I've been writing about it since October.
Here are blocks that represent my sweet daughter and her husband, side by side; an accident! Really. There's 2 of them; one pairing shows his love of snow and her love of the cello. This one shows his love of the bicycle and her love of baseball (at least when she was young!)

I considered putting off getting this together until I found a fabric that would represent their whole extended family....a Dr. a cub scout worker, a teacher, I could go on and on....I decided to just finish it and not make the project extend ....forever until I found the 100th perfect fabric.

Stash report:

  • donated, same; 66 yards
  • used, changed; + 9yards=28.75
  • purchased, same; 77.25 yards
In case you were worried; I'll post this quilt again when I can have quilt 1 and quilt 2 side by side. So you WILL see it again.

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Liz said...

LOOKS GREAT! called and talked to Andrew yesterday about the play etc he thought you were at the grocery store! i told him you left friday for austin area. he's funny. i can see the home alone movie happening to him.