Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yes, I'm still amoung the living but am exhausted. We were out of toilet paper and Musenix so I thought I could go to Sam's... I even used their electric wheelchair. I wasn't sure I'd make it home and then I had to put the chicken in the fridge. :( My fever had come back, I slept a bit and I'm downstairs supervising Andrew cooking dinner.

But this is what I see out my back window. I know it smells divine too but I'm not walking that far.

I was taking a picture through the window to show you and my husband said he'd just taken some. (He's a better photographer than I am and it's not through the glass.)
Isn't it pretty?

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Mel said...

Gosh where is that?? I love your yard mom, it is so lush and green, there are some benefits to living in Houston. Wish I could come take care of you, but I think I'd probably be to big a handful for you right now.