Thursday, March 11, 2010

My collection

I collect ....Sand. Inexpensive souvenir of my travels. Because I collect sand I also collect bottles to put the sand in. I could go the easy route and buy all the same bottles at Michaels........... but how many should I buy? Enough for my current collection? Or enough for all the sand I'm ever going to collect? What if I don't buy enough and I go back and they don't have the same bottle in 10 years? My collection would be ruined! 'Ruined,' I say! AND then I'd have to buy ALL new bottles.... then guess anew how many more I need....
It just works better to have a variety of bottles.

I go to the grocery store and hunt for interesting bottles and then decide if we could possibly eat what is inside of them. Roger was valiant and tried to put this on his food. He made sure I was aware that he was eating it to get it out of the cupboard, not because he liked it; just so I wouldn't have wasted the money I spent on it. He did not want me to buy more one when he finished it. It has sugar in it, actually hardly any sugar since it is the last ingredient on the list but the first ingredient, after water is carrot, which is sweet. Sweet hot sauce! Should we put it on our cookies?

I got tired of waiting, after 18 months, for it to be used and I dumped it. Yup, I threw all that hot sauce down the sink so I had a place to put my sand from Galveston. I've lived here for most of 31 years and didn't collect my sand sample until 2 years ago.

Hey, it takes a long time to clean and dry sand.

Now I can go to the grocery store and find another 'interesting' jar to get it ready for our travels this summer, after all it will take 18 months to get it empty.


Silverthimble said...

I have friends who have a sand collection too. I kick myself that when I was on Galveston Island in Feb., I didn't bring them back some sand. I am curious though, how do you clean your sand?

Patty Cake said...

I think it is a great idea to dump it! I have some sort of hot sauce in my fridge that should probably be dumped too. I will save the bottle for you.