Monday, March 8, 2010

Design wall

Triangle Madness is a slow quilt. If it weren't for pride I would not have gotten block number 3 (the blue one) done. But I had to have something new up so I spent 1 1/2 hours last night and another 1 1/2 hours this morning making 1 block. I believe that there is not a single mistake in this block. I'm sure it looks static and uninteresting because of that.....If it is like my first I'll see a mistake in the middle of a conversation, with someone that does not understand quilting, and I stop and mutter, 'there IS a mistake.' I need to make more 1 1/2" triangles before next week so I can make another block. But that is at the end of the list.
Goals for this week:
  • hand stitch the miters on the binding then/ did the 2 that looked bad and decided that the other 2 didn't need it.
  • sew label on quilt then/ the first label I made looked horrible; made a new one and sewed it on.
  • mail Melissa's baby quilt to her./ done!
  • Print, then mail 12 patterns/ done!
  • Quilt 2 customer quilts/ one done, one in the frame and started.
  • bind I-spy/ 3/4 done
  • cut squares for green I-spy; ready for 'brain-free' sewing. /done and sewn
  • finish cutting Liz's wedding quilt...spent 2 hours Saturday and got 1 fabric half cut.
  • get dresden plate on design wall/ done and 5% sewn-that's 20 of the 360 triangle units needed for the center field...not thinking about the border yet.
  • make a gazillion more 1 1/2" triangles-a good activity for Friday's bee. /made none :( and didn't go to Friday bee.
  • pack for my night in San Antonio area./ done and returned.
Is that enough to get started with? Then there are the family need to do's; the things that never change or ever get done. Laundry, cleaning, meals.

Today is my grandson's 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday Carter!

If you're interested in other 'design walls' go check out Judy's blog.


Denise :) said...

Your block is beautiful; no 'mistake' about it! Lots of goals for you this week; you'll be busy! Happy birthday to your grandson! My first is due this week! :)

Cathy Shepherd said...

Those squares, and all those triangles look like a lot of frustrating fun, or is that a contradiction in terms? Is there a pattern for these quilt squares? Will it end up as a full sized quilt?

SpinningStar said...

Hmm... which ones are the 1.5" HST? I am seeing 2 different sizes in the blocks, right? So what's the size are the other ones.

And, how many more of these big blocks are you making?

And, how are you making the HST? Are you using a HST paper or freehanding them?


Danielle said...

I like your blocks and thing you should be very proud. You definitely have a very big "To Do" list. I think that might overwhelm me but I look forward to hearing next week how boxes get ticked! Congratulations on birthday No. 2! How fun.