Saturday, March 20, 2010


We moved from Virgina 12 years ago; some how 2 seedlings of a redbud appeared as volunteers in a flower pot we brought from there. Roger planted them together; as they had grown. It was apparent a month ago that one of them was going to fall down; but since they were getting ready to bloom we thought we'd wait to take it down until after it bloomed.

We waited long enough; we don't have to take it down. The wind did it for us.
There is still some life left in it; so it will lay next to our driveway for a few days until it wilts and the blossoms fall off. Does redbud wood burn well? Should the scouts use it to barbecue their next dinner? Can we make toothpicks out of it? What about pens?


Liz said...

sure is a testament of time when trees get that big when you plant them as a seed.

Jai said...

Wow, 12 years...that's a long time! I can't believe how the boys have grown! Very handsome, I might add! We have a VA eastern red bud in our backyard, I can't wait for it to bloom, its always so pretty! Do you know what those bean looking things are that hang on it the rest of the year? I hope you are well and enjoying life, I miss you guys!