Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

This is the quilt my great-great-grandma made for my mother when she was small. She slept under it for years knowing that her great-grandma loved her enough to spend the time to make this beautiful quilt. When I was young I slept under it too.

So when I got old my first quilt was this:
I was also influenced by a pink quilt I saw in Ladies Circle quilt magazine. I'd seen it standing at the magazine rack but couldn't afford to buy it. I mentioned the beautiful quilt to a friend at church and she bought it for me.

I loved it. but was smart enough not to try to do the applique. As it was I took 10 years to finish this quilt ; from 1984-1994.

I copied the quilt pattern from Lizzie's, but I did not quilt it. I finally paid some ladies at a church in Baytown to quilt it; which is why it got done. This was pieced before I knew of rotary cutters AND the blue corners were appliqued to the alternate block instead of pieced, which is common now. Later I organized an exchange and made this quilt in 1995, trying to get closer to the original. I have enough squares/exchange pieces to do a double with muslin background AND to do one with yellow background. You will see those years from now.

I had to add a photo of the back. This is a fabric I inherited from my grandmother and I used most of it to back Jeffrey's baby quilt.

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Baby Boomer Grammy said...

What a neat post-- such wonderful historic quilts. Love the label with the photo of your great great grandmother. So amazing (and truly inspiring).