Friday, January 15, 2010


How many of you have every made a trash bag into a raincoat?
Last night my husband came home from a 'roundtable scout meeting' with a new plan for the quickie rain coat. Here are my sketches;

This old design has serious drawbacks: rain drips down your back, your backpack doesn't fit on your back under it, your sleeves get wet.

This new design is much better:

the head hole creates a hood to cover your head! No rain goes down your neck. Don't cut the holes for the arms until the boy scout is in his rain coat then cut the sleeve holes down low enough to cover their short sleeves. The letter A is one bottom corner of the trash bag and it will cover the laden back pack (or the hunchback of Notre Dame).
Go and put some trash bags and a pair of scissors in your trunk for one of those unexpected rain storms. Be Prepared.
So neat and easy; why didn't I think of it?

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Paula said...

Give a woman a trash bag and she can totally out think a man! Rather smart!