Friday, January 22, 2010


For about a year I've wondered how to make a medical journal. As I get older everytime I go to a new dr. and they want all that history, surgeries, procedures, etc....and I have a hard time coming up with the information I think, I should write this stuff down.... But I don't think in a chronological manner and how would I get all the information in order? Ha! Today I figured it out. Write everything down on separate pieces of paper then put them in order and bind them at the copy shop in town. I could even get a bit artsy in there if I tried real hard. Here's a journal that is way too artsy for me but it got me thinking.
Let's see... that's number 92 on my list of things to do.


Angela said...

Google documents. Its easy, its mobile and did I say easy? That is how I've done things for me.

Mel said...

Artsy? I'd like to see you hand that to your doctor!