Sunday, November 15, 2009

busy week

No blogging means I was too busy to blog. The weekends are always shot if there is any down time both computers are busy and I don't get to blog. Roger actually said the words; 'we need to get you a lap top'. I'm not going to hold my breath but the seed is planted. If I had a laptop I could be designing the quilting on the next quilt while one is quilting. I have to stay in the room and keep checking up on the quilting so I could do something else...
I finished my first all computer quilt...oops, not quite it had some free hand fillers between the Noah's pantograph. Now I'm working on my second mostly computer quilt, it'll have a freehand border though. I have at least 5 more in the queue.
Football season is over, marching band season is over; but wait, we made it to the playoffs so there was a game Friday night and another Saturday. Friday night the band broke out of their routine and did some funner stuff..the tuba's were the stars of the evening and they were dancing while playing.
Concert season is starting for band so I got to wash a dozen dresses in preparation for the fittings that go on next week. The boys have tuxes to wear so I will only get to hem pants and not a flared big skirt hem. :) So instead of going to marching band early 3 mornings a week Jeffrey will go to sectionals early ...but I don't know how often yet.
We're hoping to have some free time soon...Roger has some extra vacation days he's taking in December; yeah!

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Liz said...

we like our laptop! Not sure what we will get in the future.. but I think we love the mobility of a laptop too much to not get another one.