Sunday, November 29, 2009

new foods

I tried a couple new things over this long weekend. so far all are successful.
I made this sandwich with charred tomatoes for Roger and I for breakfast. Very good; but do wait a few minutes to bite into it; no one wants a charred mouth too. I used monterey jack cheese, even added a very thin slice of onion that I put in the pan first.
Last Tuesday I decided to make a surprise for the returning boy scouts, mine anyway, and made these from the pioneer woman's blog. I had had a bag of chocolate chips near the crock pot the last time I cooked in it... well they were not chips anymore; I needed to use them. I also had a bag of ground up almonds that I'd ground in August for an experimental crust that didn't use flour and I NEEDED to use them. So I relied on my memory and made them using the only bread sticks that weren't garlic from walmart....they had sesame seeds and I forgot the Nutella. they were so good. So Wednesday I made more, used up all the nuts, chocolate and breadsticks and remembered to add the Nutella. SOOOO good, better than before, the nutella keeps the chocolate from getting hard. So Thursday Jeffrey made another batch; this time with freshly chopped almonds, really big pieces, and they were the best. Unfortunately we still have bread sticks left over from the last batch...and almonds; do you suppose a 14 year old would like to make another batch?
Finally my third experiment is with oranges... Liz sent me a link to orange candy that looks fabulous but take 2-3 weeks to make. Andrew and I started this morning. This way we'll get to taste them on December 20th...wait, we'll be in the car, I'll have to finish them enroute...... that'll be a mess...... I think I'll shorten the process by a few days.
Oh, no Christmas is so close.....

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