Friday, November 27, 2009


Do not assume, as I did, that if a casserole dish comes with a stand that has spots for candles to keep it hot that the pot can actually handle have a candle burning under it for more than 5 minutes. Last October I bought these wonderful dishes for our big dinners. We never got around to putting the candles in. This year to keep everything hot, and to involve a teenage boy, we put the candles in. Twenty minutes later I heard a loud snap and one dish had a down the length of it.
See, how lovely? Notice the handle on the lid. It is not designed to be actually used as a handle it is only there for decoration. I know because the first time it was actually used the handle ed! Unfortunately I bought these at a store that has gone out of business. It was one less thing to wash, right; an eighteen dollar disposable dish.

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Liz said...

that is totally ridiculous. now we know try things out before the 90 days or the store closes.