Tuesday, November 24, 2009


How often do you need to go through your refrigerator and throw away the accumulated packets of catsup, sour cream, mustard and mayonaise? I decided that at least once a year...before Thanksgiving is a good time. It'll give us time to accumulate more before the next camping season starts...Roger hunts down packets of mayo to take on hiking trips...but there is no way of knowing how long 1 has been in the fridge.
I threw out the spicy hot mustard that I made for Liz's wedding... 2007. At least I don't have 3 jars of bacon grease; but it's close, well actually, I have no bacon grease but I've accumulated other things. Like walnut oil... What am I going to do with walnut oil? Mustard; nobody eats mustard here, but it's on the list of things you must keep at all times. Now horseradish is important to have, at least to put on my smoked turkey sandwich that I have once a year!
What's in your fridge that you never use?


Liz said...

pickles! But I guess Ryan uses them sometimes. We are not good at keeping mayo or mustard either it always goes bad but you only notice it's bad when you put it on husband's sandwich and he turns up his nose.. not good.

Patty Cake said...

Since Zac got home we have accumulated some very different condiments that he uses but that I will never use. Sesame oil, green curry paste (spicy), Tiger sauce, and HOT sauce. Also in my cupboard are very HOT red chilis that he used in one dish that just lit us up.