Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm sure all y'all are interested inwhat I accomplished yesterday....Of the list projects I:
  • Got the table cleaned off!
  • trimmed the 2 quilts
  • tried to quilt the quilt in the frame...messed up and basted it so I can put it in my lap to do the ripping
I ended up making a dozen calls looking for a bilingual worker for the polls on Tuesday.
I had a very relaxing day, really although I ran to the quilt store to get the thread for the Halloween quilt I decided not to try to finish it since the spotty dotty is of a higher priority...that baby is coming whether or not I finish.
I stopped at Half -Price Books and got my first item for my Christmas list! :)
Then....I stopped at my fav thrift store....and Yes I bought a piece of wool....and some large buttons (they were attached to a dress).
I stayed home from the football and had all evening to myself. :) It was peaceful and wonderful.

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