Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quilt Market

This will be a bit anticlimactic... I couldn't do justice to market; but mainly because the quilts were so fabulous in the exhibit. I went Saturday mainly to see the exhibit but got caught up in the shopping... I didn't buy a thing but found it very interesting. When I finally made it to the exhibit I was very impressed with many quilts. Unfortunately the batteries died on the camera before I took very many pictures but here are a few:

This is a delightful, charming quilt made by Sieglinde Schoen Smith. She calls it 'Once Upon a Christmas Night.' The style is very much like her 'Mother Earth and her Children' that won best of show in 2006.
This quilt caught my eye from across the room. It's called 'Sampler with Yellow' and was pieced in the mid 1800's and quilted in 2003 by Kathy Colvin. This one I could actually piece; all those triangles would make me hesitate though. It looks kind of like a mosaic.
I'll post a few more in a couple of days.

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