Monday, October 12, 2009


Today I took 2 quilting classes. Both very nice then I had an hour at Quilt Market with a camera with fresh batteries! 96 pictures taken in about an hour.
This one is small but I enjoyed it because it is a genealogical quilt; called 'Bridal Village' by Karen Eckmeier. She included pictures of several generations of wedding photos from her family.

This one is fabulous! 'Animal Book' by Megumi Mizuna of Japan. The small animals are so well done and although the label said it was made out of cotton the texture made me think it was wool. Of course they keep you from getting very close to the quilt, or touching it. I wonder if I could sit in a chair in front of this one with a white glove on and study it.
Sadly tomorrow I have a class but the exhibit is closed until Wednesday evening so I won't get to wander more of the aisles and see the rest of the exhibit until my lunch hour on Thursday.

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