Friday, September 4, 2009


I stopped at the thrift store and bought their last blue zipper; my grandson wanted the red one; so my zipper stash went up 2. :)

Hey, I have plans for that blue zipper and James has zipped and unzipped the red one about 50 times. He wants me to change the zipper in the zipper tie that he wore Sunday to a red one....not happening in this lifetime.

Jeffrey's first football game is Dayton. He is an alternate in the band so he probably won't be marching. Sitting in a bleacher is brutal to my back but I think we need to go....

I got a perm yesterday and look fairly normal again after having straight hair all summer. James said he didn't like it. Tyler got home from school and stopped talking and just stared at me like he didn't recognize me.

Yesterday the sewing room got Angela'd. It's a verb for worked over, cleaned out, reorganized ala Angela. I'm letting go of the rest of my Martha Stewart Living magazine; most of my quilting magazines and my scrapbooking mags....ouch, ouch, double ouch. They are still around if you have a good home for them...they will be in Angela's trunk for a few more days.

edited; Jeffrey was sick and didn't go to the football game. He has had a sore throat all week and now Roger has it too.

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Angela said...

There are stacks and stacks of MSL, Family Fun and a few others. If someone wants them please let us know. It was fun. There is space for Jeffrey to hide in there to read in quiet without tripping, people to sit and talk to mom and its just cleaned up a bit more so its more peaceful!