Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today I tackled my personal junk drawer; it's a big drawer in our coffee table where I stash Dr. bills, school papers, knitting needles, misc stuff that I don't know what to do with. I'm ready to stuff most of it back in.

I needed to do some sewing upstairs so Angela decided to go through our videos. Considering we got our first video player about 27 years ago and have never gone through them we have a fair number. We still have a great many but we did cull out some duplicates and some tat we taped off the TV that I could get rid of. Now they all fit on the shelves again and I'll get a box together to send to my sister. One of these days we will manage to convert them to DVD but haven't figured it out yet.

This is after she finished the toy cupboard project. WHAT do YOU do with the 27 odd game pieces that you can't find the game they go to?

Angela found 4 balls that go with this toy. Guess who played with it for 4 HOURS?
Anyone wondering what to get a 1-3 year old for Christmas might take note. I'm not sure that is the hammer that goes with it but it works and was fun; the balls come out the bottom with enough momentum that you need to chase the ball just a little. He NEVER puts the balls against a different color; his brother immediately tried it with the colors mixmatched.

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Mel said...

i hope you are planning to mail some of those VHS to me. I want Paul Bunyun, chip and dale.. at yellowstone?, and the donald duck one with the bee.. at the beach and playing baseball in DD front yard...