Thursday, September 10, 2009


I signed up for a retreat that starts TODAY! Who knew that I'd need most of the space in the Pathfinder for my stuff?
If you give a mouse a retreat
then you have to give her bags of fabric to take.
If she has bags of fabric she'll need a sewing machine (freshly repaired),
an iron and my 'antique' heavy (I swear it weighs 40 lbs!) ironing board, a table to put the sewing machine on, a light, an extension cord and a power strip.
If you take fabric you need a mat, acouple of rulers and a cutter and scissors!
Oh, my word, she needs her chair! Then a couple changes of clothes, sheets, and towel., toiletries, and money. Did I mention the 5 quilt shops that litter the path she must take to get to the retreat? And the antique stores in the town nearby?

Seriously, I'm taking 3 projects to do...maybe 4....
Andrew's quilt that I cut out for his 5th birthday (he's 12....he did not need a quilt since he got to use his brothers.) A quilt a friend asked me to make for her, a thirties Dresden plate. A GPS bag for us, and maybe a sample for my patterns....

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