Saturday, September 19, 2009


I just made an amazing pasta dish due to the magic of ...garlic. I think if you throw in enough garlic it'll taste good. We had some shrimp left over from the other night and it wasn't great shrimp so I wanted to help it by adding a garlic and oil sauce to it. Then I needed to add pasta to stretch the portions and we had fresh broccoli and zucchini and clam juice and clams; then I found a wrinkled red pepper and a leek that needed to be used... The broccoli went in with the pasta when it was half cooked, I fried the 4, should have been 6, garlic cloves in olive oil then thickened the clam juice with a 2 Tablespoons cornstarch and cooked it with the garlic and added a can of clams, grated the zucchini and added parsley. I split a portion out for Angela added some cream (really only about 1/2 cup 'cause I had it) and poured it over the broccoli and pasta. Then I found the red pepper and leek so I cooked that and added it to both pots. I heated mushrooms for mom and dad and overcooked some broccoli for Angela (she has to have vegetables very soft) then added a can of black beans to Angela's. I thought it was GREAT!
Tyler hadn't eaten much today so right before dinner he told me he had just finished 6 he didn't eat much. Jeffrey still thinks he doesn't like shrimp so he didn't eat much. So not a success all around but not bad for the crew I cook for.

Back to the red quilt...I counted that I need 98 'white with red' squares; 40 red squares and 6 burgundy squares. What a pain this quilt is turning out to be.


Liz said...

i like food. :)

Patty Cake said...

I have some reds. How big are the squares? I could send you some.