Monday, September 21, 2009

Star pies

I'm nuts I know. In the midst of trying to dejunk my house I fell off the bandwagon and bought one of these. Heart and Star Pocket Pie MoldsI saw them before the 4th of July and wanted them... which is crazy it's mostly crust and crust is not my favorite but my kids like it. So now I need to fit in a baking session with the stars.
I quilted 2 hours this morning, until I was shaking...I guess I need to eat. I'm experimenting on a busy border so even though when I get done my mistakes won't show much it makes it hard to sew 'cause I can't see what I'm doing well.
My sampler needs to come out and a charity quilt go in.

*the link no longer goes to the hand held pie mold that I bought and cannot find today...;)


Liz said...

Well those cherry tarts looks good but i think i agree with you I don't like the crust much.. I decided last time i made a pie that i need to experiment with my crust.. I just am so new to the pie world that i am always afraid my pie crust will be junk so i follow the blah recipe.

Laurie said...

My last homemade pie crust was very good...if I could just remember where I found it!