Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stash report

Surprise, surprise I didn't get to the sewing machine after finishing a customer's quilt this week. I also did not buy any fabric this week. I DID think about quilts and I even cut out a block for the block of the month that needs to be finished by Tuesday. I helped a friend use up some of her fabric; does that count? I guess not.

How on earth will I get a 'Works In Slow Progress' done for July? I have 1 week..... Aha! I have a small, almost doll size (a Trip around the World) that I might be able to get quilted...
so my numbers are the same as last week.

for the year;
in: 20.25 yards
out: 91 yards

I did make corn muffins, strudel muffins, pancakes from scratch 4 times, raspberry syrup, 16 additional meals AND managed to get a 12 year old to do all the THAT was work. I can report failure on the potty training front and the clean house front; although most of the toys are picked up, and put out of reach, so the floor can be vacuumed tomorrow.

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