Thursday, July 23, 2009

My daughter-in-law is coming!

What will I do when my daughter-in-law comes? Rejoice and then leave. Really.
Angela finished her treatments on Tuesday and so will be flying here on Wednesday. The boys would be sooo excited that I wouldn't be able to stand them so we haven't told them the change of plans... I think that maybe being told the day before would be good. (Notice how ambivalent I am about it...) Thinking about it though I don't want the kids to think that we aren't telling them the truth and they can't count on what we say being truth telling them the day before that the plans have changed and let them be excited for a day would be okay....AND the other grandma has them then.
So I got thinking about a list of things to do when she is here.
  1. Fabric stores; I want to visit this one and this one and this one. I'm looking for a special fabric to finish a customers quilt. A rose colored or brown colored 30's print. So far no luck but I hope these 3 shops, that are further from my house, will have a better selection.
  2. Quilt a quilt...or a dozen quilts. The one I started yesterday needs to be quilt every 1/2 inch. I really should have read the batting package before I had it half quilted.
  3. Clean my sewing room; sort and get rid of some of the stuff. Since my daughter-in-law is an organizational fanatic I'm going to take advantage of her.
  4. Linen closet; sort, get rid of or cut into potholder kits excess towels.
  5. Movies; What do you do with old VHS movies? I was SO glad I had them when the grandkids came but do I really want to keep all of them forever? Six months ago I may have been willing to get rid of the Barney ones but they were the most valuable for 'turning off' Jimmy.
  6. Make more stripe blocks.
  7. Finish charity quilts. One is ready to quilt and I want to do it. Normally they are tied but I can practise my quilting on it...
  8. Finish duvet cover.
  9. Leave for a weekend with my husband. It is our 32nd anniversary next month and we WILL leave for it. We talked about going somewhere for the 25th and again for the 30th but we didn't. Isn't it traditional to do something BIG on your 32nd?
  10. One thing I'm not going to do is laundry! That will be her assignment since we figured it something that doesn't have to be done when having a bad day but then can be caught up on on a good day.
I'm sure this list could be much longer but the movie is over and my grandma hat is sitting next to me waiting to go back on.

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Angela said...

Wow, what a way to feel loved!!!